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Who Are We

Goldsmiths Knysna, established in 2007, has swiftly risen to prominence as a distinguished jewellery destination in the picturesque town of Knysna, South Africa. The store has garnered a reputation for its exquisite craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional jewellery pieces to its esteemed clientele.

The inception of Goldsmiths Knysna in 2007 was driven by a passionate vision to offer a fresh and innovative perspective on the world of jewellery. 

Throughout its journey, Goldsmiths Knysna has remained devoted to the pursuit of excellence, embracing both traditional techniques and the latest advancements in jewellery manufacturing. Their team of skilled designers and master craftsmen collaborate to create an impressive range of jewellery pieces, ranging from classic and elegant designs to contemporary and cutting-edge styles.

An integral aspect of Goldsmiths Knysna's philosophy is a commitment to ethical practices. They meticulously source precious metals and gemstones from reputable suppliers, ensuring they adhere to the highest standards of sustainability and responsible sourcing. This dedication resonates with customers who seek not only beauty in their jewellery but also a sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Beyond their exceptional craftsmanship, Goldsmiths Knysna distinguishes itself through its emphasis on personalised customer experiences. Each client's unique story and preferences are cherished, and the store takes pride in crafting bespoke jewellery that reflects the individuality and sentiment of its patrons.

Since its establishment, Goldsmiths Knysna has flourished, becoming a prominent name in the local and regional jewellery industry. The store's commitment to delivering timeless beauty, combined with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, has earned them a loyal and satisfied clientele.

As Goldsmiths Knysna continues to grow and evolve, its dedication to craftsmanship, integrity, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. 

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