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Remodel or Sell your unwanted jewellery

Remodel: Your Gemstones, Your Design

Let's give your jewellery a fresh start. Goldsmiths Knysna takes pride in transforming sentimental treasures into stunning, bespoke pieces. Work closely with our artisans to reimagine your jewellery, reflecting your unique style and preferences.

Incorporate your own gemstones and diamonds into a custom design. Our craftsmen will carefully craft each piece, creating a seamless blend of your precious stones with our exceptional artistry. Whether it's an heirloom or a token of a special moment, we'll craft something special for you.

We understand quality matters. That's why we credit you for your gold and supply new gold, guaranteeing the quality, alloy, and consistency of each piece. Our commitment to excellence ensures your jewellery not only looks great but stands the test of time.

Jeweller sorting diamonds

Sell your unwanted jewellery 


Discover a gold buying service that puts you first! We understand that selling your gold is a personal decision, and that's why our process is designed to be completely transparent and free of charge. There are no hidden fees and no obligation – just a straightforward and honest service tailored to meet your needs.

With our gold buying service, receive an instant offer for your gold. Our team of experts utilizes up-to-date market data to provide you with a fair and competitive valuation. We value your time and aim to make the selling process as quick and efficient as possible.

How the process works:

  • Contact Us: Reach out to our dedicated team through our website, phone, or in person.

  • Instant Assessment: Receive an instant offer based on current market conditions.

  • Customer-Centric Approach: Your satisfaction is our priority, and we tailor our service to meet your unique requirements.

  • Expert Appraisers: Our team of experienced professionals ensures accurate and reliable valuations.

  • Transparent Transactions: We believe in clear communication and honesty throughout the gold-selling process.

  • No Pressure: Take your time to consider the offer. There's no obligation to sell.

  • Get Paid: Once the transaction is complete, receive prompt payment for your gold.

                                                                     Get an offer now!

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